Premier quality and cutting edge innovation are the basis for all of VitaPro’s products, product formulation, design and packaging.Vitapro International management firmly believes that providing quality product is its’ first and foremost task in achieving its targeted market share. Innovation is actually a subset of quality and, as a result, substantial management attention is always focused in those areas.


Vitapro International has recently developed a second product – ProPectin. The product is a powder form drink mix containing the only pharma-grade apple pectin in the world.

ProPectin is the only water soluble apple pectin. ProPectins’ primary benefit is the binding of heavy metals and their radionuclides (including Cesium 137) and then eliminating them from the human body. Pectin’s ability to bind heavy metals has been demonstrated in several trials, including gratifying results experienced by the Belgrade Institute.

Clinical trials have shown that the product also has a positive influence on:

Cholesterol, lipoprotein and bile acid metabolisms
Gastric diseases
Hemostasis and wound healing
Blood glucose level after a carbohydrate rich meal (diabetes mellitus type II)
Radiation detox
Weight reduction
Endorsed by Dr. Michael Nobel, consumer demand for the Propectin product that demonstrates the ability to bind heavy metals and their radionuclides, has been growing rapidly since the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March of 2011.

This emergent demand continues, as there is presently not a single product in the marketplace with the exception of ProPectin that is proven to deliver the results that the consumers desire.

Yank is currently working with several companies & organizations in Japan, Kwiait, India, the US & more, to further the extraordinary benefits of Propectin worldwide.
With the visionary leadership of Yank Barry at the helm, the VitaPro group of companies are poised for continued growth in todays and tomorrows markets. VitaPro offers unique products that are practical solutions for complex problems in today’s markets and meet the needs of a World in crisis. The proven track record of VitaPro combined with the ever increasing demand and need for ProPectin is a formula for unparalleled success.